Annual Conference

Annual Conference 2011

Conference: 'The Philosophy of the Enlightenment'

  • Location: Conference Centre, University of Sussex
  • Dates: 29th - 31st March 2011

Original Announcement

The main theme for this British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference is'The Philosophy of the Enlightenment.' Further sub-themes include: 'Aesthetics and the Enlightenment,' 'Philosophy and Political Thought in the Enlightenment,' 'The Enlightenment and Kant,' and 'Jewish Thought in the Enlightenment.'

Confirmed Speakers

  • Helga Varden (Illinois), "Kant’s Moral Philosophy and Its Non-Moral Preconditions"

  • Jonathan Friday (Kent), “Hume and Smith on the Sublime of Character”

  • Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary, London), The Debate about Liberty in the English Enlightenment”

  • Christian Wiese is convening a panel on the Jewish Enlightenment. The speakers for this are:

  • Adam Sutcliffe (Kings College) “Whose Enlightenment? Moses Mendelssohn, Solomon Maimon and the Politics of Haskalah”

  • Shmuel Feiner “The Jewish 'Philosophical Spirit' in the late 18th Century and its Enemies”

  • Andrea Schatz “Times of Change: Jewish and Secular Temporalities in the Eighteenth Century”

  • Knud Haakonssen (Sussex) and James Harris (St Andrews) are convening a panel on method in the history of philosophy.