Annual Conference

BSHP Annual Lecture

The BSHP Annual Lecture features an accessible paper from a distinguished speaker in the history of philosophy. It is normally held in the autumn at a UK university. Attendance is free, and everyone is welcome.

BSHP Annual Lecture 2021

Professor James A. Harris, University of St. Andrews

“How to write a history of philosophy? The case of 18th-century Britain”

James Harris is the author of many works in 17th- and 18th-century philosophy, including a landmark 2015 intellectual biography of Hume. Find out more about the speaker here.

12th November 2021, 6 p.m.

Cambridge (venue TBA)

This is currently planned to be an in-person event, although an opportunity for online attendance will also be provided.

All very welcome. Venue and registration details will be posted soon.

Past Annual Lectures

2020: Prof. Jan Westerhoff, "For your eyes only: the Problem on Solipsism in Ancient Indian Philosophy", delivered online Click here to watch a recording.

2019: Prof. MM McCabe, "Taking time to talk: Plato's Euthydemus on the metaphysics of conversation", University of Aberdeen

2018: Prof. Sarah Hutton, "Women, Philosophy, and the History of Philosophy", Maison Francaise d'Oxford

2017: Prof. John Cottingham, "Why the History of Philosophy Matters", King’s College London