Public Engagement Funding

We offer one public engagement grant of up to £1000 per year towards the costs of the following activities:

  • The organization of exhibitions or public events, including public lectures, with a significant component relating to the history of philosophy.
  • The conception and diffusion of content related to the history of philosophy on electronic media, including television, radio, websites, podcasts, etc.

The application deadline is 31 March each year. Membership of the BSHP is a requirement for applying.

Applicants should complete the form available here and email their application to , by the deadline.

Successful applicants must agree to abide by the following rules:

  • At least one award applicant must be a member of the BSHP.
  • The Management Committee of the BSHP must approve the association. The event funded must relate substantially to history of philosophy.
  • The association with the BSHP must be acknowledged in all publicity material. See our page on Acknowledging support for details.
  • Reports on planning and progress must be delivered to the Management Committee of the BSHP on request.
  • The BSHP must be satisfied that the awards made are used for their intended purpose. Payment of the award will normally be made after the event has occurred and only upon receipt of a satisfactory report and detailed final accounts.
  • As signatories to the BPA/SWIP Good Practice Scheme, the BSHP requires event organizers to take steps to ensure gender balance among speakers and participants. We do not normally fund multi-speaker events where all the speakers are male. Guidance on organizing gender-balanced conferences is available from the Good Practice Scheme website.
  • As signatories to the BPA Environment/Travel Guidelines, the BSHP prefers travel by train rather than airplane for short and intermediate travel. Additional funding is available in order to accommodate this preference.
  • Brief details of supported events will be posted on the BSHP website. Organizers are requested to use the BSHP email list to circulate calls for papers, programmes, and publicity.