Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship competitions 2023: Results

We had excellent fields in both competitions, and after much thought have made the following four awards.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Alesia Preite for research on a book project entitled ‘Nature, Nurture and Virtue in Plato’s Philosophy’, centring on the Republic, Timaeus and Laws.

Szilvia Szanyi for research on the common sensibles in Buddhist philosophy, and the reception of Vasubandhu’s theory of perception in the Yogācāra commentarial literature.

Postgraduate Fellows

Jonathan Egid for Ph.D research on two Ethiopian philosophical texts, the Hatäta Zär’a Ya‛ǝqob and Hatäta Wäldä Heywat, and the controversy over their authorship.

Matt Hare for Ph.D research on the mathematical philosophy of Jean Cavaillès, centring on his notion of concatenation.