Podcast: Leon Brunschvicg, The Forgotten Master

This special podcast episode follows a 2023 workshop, supported by BSHP, on the life and work of Léon Brunschvicg with a public-facing discussion about the central ideas and context of this work.

Discussion surrounds the distortion of 20th century French philosophy in the Anglophone world, the legacy of "Spiritualism", the notion of "scientific philosophy" or "mathematical philosophy", and Brunschvicg's way of carving up the history of philosophy as a polemical opposition between two perennial tendencies.

Podcast participants include: Theophile Richard de Capele D'Hautpoul (Université Paris Cité), Pietro Terzi (University of Venice Ca' Foscari), Matt Hare (CRMEP Kingston University), and Tzuchien Tho (University of Bristol).