History of Philosophy Books in 3 Minutes

The BSHP is delighted to support History of Philosophy Books in Three Minutes, a new online platform for three-minute video presentations of books in the History of Philosophy. Presentations take the form of short videos filmed by the authors themselves where they explain what their book is about and why it is important.

Presentations can be about works in any language, but are presented in English or in French. Monographs, edited volumes, critical editions, special journal issues, book collections, and publication projects in the digital humanities are included. Works in intellectual history, history of science, political theory, or other, that include a significant philosophical component are also included, across seven categories: ancient, medieval, renaissance (15th and 16th centuries), early modern (17th and 18th centuries), modern (19th and 20th centuries), non-western, and general history of philosophy. New additions are welcome; please see the site for details.