Rogers Prize Winner 2016

The Rogers Prize, which was established in 2011 in honour of the work of the founding editor of the BJHP, John Rogers, is awarded each year for the best paper published in the journal in the previous 12 months. The award for 2016 went to Olaf Mueller of Humbolt-Universität Berlin for his article 'Prismatic Equivalence – A New Case of Underdetermination: Goethe vs. Newton on the Prism Experiments’, published in BJHP 24.2. The two runners-up were Justin Steinberg, of Brooklyn College, City University of New York, for his article ‘Affect, Desire, and Judgment in Spinoza’s Account of Motivation’, published in 24.1, and Thomas McNally, of Trinity College Dublin, for his article ‘More Than a Feeling: Wittgenstein and William James on Love and Other Emotions’, published in 24.4. For more information about the Rogers Prize, please click here

Recent news

Conference 2018: The Philosophy of Habit

We're pleased to announce our 2018 annual conference which will be on the theme of Habit in the History of Philosophy. British Society for the History of Philosophy.

New Annual Lecture Series

From 2017, the BSHP will now be hosting an annual lecture series. The first will talk will be held in November by John Cottingham.

Rogers Prize Winner 2016

The Rogers Prize winner has been announced, going to Olaf Mueller.

Funding Opportunities

Following the AGM in April 2017, the conference funding opportunities for BSHP members have increased.